Drawn & Delivered

Who likes getting a card in the mail?

Who thinks it’s even better when the card is handmade?

I love both, especially sending cards that I’ve made. So I am starting a new project just for you and your mailbox.


I pledge to draw and send one greeting card per week for the next year and I want to send a card to you! Either to your home address or your email inbox.

I know what you’re thinking…

“But we haven’t spoken since high school and I thought you were a huge jerk.”
Sorry to hear that, maybe this cat card will smooth things over?


“I don’t even really know you…”
Fine by me! Have this card with a few words of encouragement on it!


“We’re already friends, you don’t need to send one to me.”
BS! I want to send you a card real bad!

Now that I’ve eased your mind, please fill out the form below to sign up. There are only 52 spots available so do it now!

SIGN UP HERE! (No longer accepting submissions, thank you to all who signed-up!)

Important things to know:

  1. I will not distribute your information to anyone, you will not be added to any lists. The NSA is not involved.
  2. The list will be private and will be used only for the one occasion.
    (unless you want to be my pen pal, then bring it!)
  3. I will share drawings on my blog and/or social media accounts sans your name, address or any identifying information because I believe in a thing called privacy.
  4. Limit of one per person, I would love to send cards to others in a household, but just one per individual, please.
  5. I will send items that can be delivered by means of ‘forever stamp’ or less to keep costs reasonable. However! if you live in another country, that’s fine, whatever it takes to get a card to you is what I’m willing to spend.
  6. I take requests! Much like a DJ. Do you love Star Wars? Have a brother with a birthday coming up that you need a card for? I can make that happen.
  7. You will not be alerted when your card is on the way, it will be a good old fashioned surprise.
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Mini Golf in Minne

After a particularly lazy start to Memorial Day, Christopher and I decided to leave the apartment and go on a walk, before we knew it, we were golfing.

Because we live near the Walker Art Center we thought it would be nice to walk to their sculpture garden, give Claes Oldenburg’s spoon bridge a high five and look at info for the Artist Designed mini golf course. We hadn’t planned on playing but there was no wait, the weather was holding up and we had the whole afternoon in front of us!

I enjoyed the course a lot. Give the video a watch to get a preview of some of the holes.

memorialday1 memorialday2 memorialday3 memorialday4

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Bee Favorites


Since elementary school I’ve had the nickname of ‘Bee’ or just ‘B’. I wouldn’t say this was a widely used nickname but my family picked up on it and to this day use it allllll the time. With a nickname that is so closely linked to a living creature you are bound to amass a collection of items associated with it.

Hence this post!

It’s not just my family who gets these items for me, but I often seek them out. I love using bee products in my skin care regime because, raw honey is a natural healer. It aids in acne prevention and treatment, gives aging skin a boost and improves overall complexion condition. This is all possible because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties found in natural honey. I also love the sweet yet floral scent and taste of honey. If it’s in a product, I’m usually all over it.

With that, here are my favorite honey bee items:

Bee Snug ‘Butter Me Up’ Body Butter
Body butter is a great product that I love to use on my cuticles and as a lip balm before going to sleep. This product came from the Kalamazoo Farmers Market and makes a great alternative to body lotion. I’ve seen products like this come in a bar which would be perfect to massage into the skin. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not sticky which happens quite a bit for me and the majority of lotions I’ve used.

LUSH ‘Brazened Honey’ Fresh Face Mask
First of all, I’m a huge fan girl for LUSH products and this product lives up to the quality I’m use to experiencing. At $7, the price point is very reasonable and provides around 6 applications. This face mask is excellent at gently exfoliating tired looking skin and giving it a polished hydrated look. It also smells amazing and is made fresh. You only need to keep it in your refrigerator because it doesn’t contain preservatives.

Medicine Mama’s ‘Sweet Bee Magic’ Skin Cream
This skin cream is a new favorite of my face! If you like really simple products without additives or fragrances this products is what you’ve always dreamed of. It only has 6 ingredients and it makes your skin feel like brand new. I use it primarily at night before going to bed because it doesn’t have any SPF and I always wear a moisturizer with SPF during the day. This cream is also a little on the thick side so at night it soaks into your skin and heals you right up. I even use this product on any scratches, burns or dry patches on my skin and it does an excellent job taking care of any skin that’s in need. It has excellent staying power, I use it daily and I barely made a dent in it.

Marc Jacob’s ‘Honey’ perfume
My dad and his wife got this for me as a birthday gift a few years back and around this time of year it’s in heavy rotation. I love the light sweet somewhat floral scent. A little goes a long way so I think this perfume will last me for a while to come.

‘Bee Happy’ wish stone
I’m not 100% sure when I got this little guy. If I were to guess I’d say it was from my mom because she gets me a huge chunk of the bee items I own. On the reverse side it says the word ‘happy’. I leave this in my wallet or on my bedside table and it reminds me of my family and all that I have to ‘bee happy’ about.

Burt’s Bees ‘Hibiscus’ Tinted Lip Balm
I love when a product can multi-task well. For a long time Burt’s Bees has been a favorite for lip treatment (right next to ChapStick Classic) but I absolutely LOVE their tinted lip balm range. I use it on days when I want to spice up my lip game but still keep them comfortable and happy.

Cherry Republic Cherry Honey Bear
I couldn’t have this list NOT include some actual honey! This little honey bear is filled to the brim with Michigan cherry goodness which reminds me of home. It’s a perfect treat to add to your tea, or oatmeal, or spoon…

Do you tend to collect items in a theme, either intentionally or unintentionally? Please share if you have one, I’d love to read about it :)

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Design File: icons


Icons, graphic forms, tiny little pictures, all little characters with their own with personalities.

I love to look at these forms and almost create a story behind them or envision what kind of faux digital family they are from. All icons sets have a voice and if you look and l suppose, ‘listen’ you can hear it!

One of my recent freelance projects gave me the chance to develop these breakfast icons in order to promote my favorite meal of the week, brunch. More specifically, they were used to promote bridal shower brunches, hence the softer color palette and flowers. While I was creating these I kept thinking of a really happy bride, a younger gal that is filled with life and playfulness. The arrangement of this set helps to create a fun environment, almost as if the food and flowers are confetti raining down in celebration.

Things I considered:

  • Keeping the outlines about the same thickness, this is a great way to create unity in all of the shapes.
  • Edges, I made sure to make all of the edges slightly rounded, again to create unity within this little icon family.
  • Placement, I didn’t want to stick all of the large things together and create an unbalanced look. I fiddled with the placement of each item for a while. Certain items, like the croissant I felt needed to be placed with the open end pointing downward and to the right so your eye is pulled into the body of the work so I basically build the rest around that item.

Things I learned:

  • Improvisation, I intended to just use the breakfast icons but it started looking too food focused and not so much for a bride so I gave these little flowers a go and wound up loving how well they complimented each other.
  • Finding my groove with this color palette, breakfast foods aren’t always the most colorful, lots of browns and beiges happening (with the happy exception of fruit) so I used a neutral/pastel set of colors with a small showing of a bright color to make these guys and gals come to life.

Things I loved:

  • Dat bagel schmear tho! While I was creating the form for the schmear in my head, I went through this dialogue with myself…”Yay! It’s bagel time! I love cream cheese too. Basically my two favorite things! Oh, whatever, it doesn’t have to look perfect…screw it, in my mouth it goes!” At least, that’s how I top my bagel, I try to keep it neat in the beginning of cream cheese application and then quickly abandon all expectations of that a few seconds later. I think little weird thoughts like that during creating give it some soul.
  • The blueberry muffin looks a little bit angry at the world. At first this bugged me but then I thought, every family has a grump and that is who the muffin is, a lovable delicious grump.

Breakfast family profile:

  • Blueberry Muffin: the adorable grump (as described above).
  • Coffee cup and saucer: the austere aunt who has her shizz together.
  • Coffee beans: her kids that she can’t quite keep in line.
  • Snozberry: the teen, always trying to be the center of attention and wearing some bright ass color.
  • Croissant: The guy or gal/dad or mom who keeps things together for everyone, the pillar of the family, if you will.
  • Bagel and schmear: the best friend who will always be in your corner.


Info Cited:
Type Faces used – TW Cen bold, Didot italic, Mrs. Eaves
Flowers – Dollar Photo Club
Personal branding type – Bariol

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See Change EDC & Vlog


Last week I attended the annual See Change conference put on by the folks at AIGA Minnesota! I was so excited (and nervous) to attend. This was the first step I took in getting a lay-of-the-land of the design scene, so I wanted to be prepared. The above is what I brought with me. I though strategically on this one because I didn’t want to carry too much but I knew I would need more than normal. Overall, I was very satisfied with what I slung on my arm. Feeling prepared made me way less nervous.

Here’s what I’ve got:
Banana Republic leather tote bag, several years old (this year’s version)
Joby Gorilla Pod
Fruit bar
Vintage wallet
Thrifted pouch with Mophie Powerstation
53 stylus
iPad mini
Klean Kanteen Insulated 12oz bottle
Pilot Percise V5 rollerball pen
Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Hibiscus
Trident Tropical Twist gum
Business cards
Gwen Frostic notebook
Apartment keys and pocket knife

I vlogged the day I had as well, including getting some chow at the Cossetta Italian Market and Bakery in St. Paul after meeting up with some guys to play kubb.

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend!

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Tigers vs Twins, a montage

You tell me, who doesn’t love a good montage?

I mean, I feel like if a movie has a solid montage it transcends the ranks. And in case you need a little refresher, let’s have Team America remind you.

A favorite movie with pure gold montages is Mrs. Doubtfire. All of them are awesome. Bring on more montages, Hollywood! PLEASE!

Anyway, this post is more than a love letter to the montage as a cinematic device, it was my excuse to create my own while I documented going to my first Detroit Tigers baseball game.

Going to a Tigers game was on my Michigan Bucket List for this summer before I knew we would be moving to Minneapolis. Thankfully my wish came true and last Tuesday Christopher and some friends of ours saw the Tigers play the Twins.

We drank beer, ate corn dogs and before I knew it the game was done (I blame the beer).

It was a blast. America’s favorite pastime, indeed!


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EDC – freelancing

Every Day Carry-0415

I have always been fascinated by what people decide to carry with them on a regular basis and what that says about their life. One of my favorite video tags on YouTube is the ‘what’s in your bag’ tag and a website that has become another source of obsession is called Everyday Carry.

Right now, my life is mostly consists of walking to the corner coffee shop in the morning, firing up the computer, turning on some tunes and freelancing. This is the collection of things I bring with me. All of these items have a very distinct purpose. Nothing fancy. Everything fits in the computer bag (that I’ve had since college) or in my coat pocket.

Here’s a breakdown:
incase brand computer bag
15″ MacBook Pro (mid 2010)
fleck moleskine notebook
Pilot Precise V5 pen (the best pen on the planet)
ChapStick Classic
Coffee card, bank card & credit card
iPhone 6
Apartment Keys & pocket knife
power cords
Ear buds

I’d like to document other kinds of ‘every day carry’ experiences that I use. I try to vary what I carry based on what I’m doing that day so I’m not carrying too much extra baggage.

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Unpacking – vlog

Here’s a little recounting of the events of a week and a half ago.

My sanity was shaken a few times and we are by no means done with getting settled in, but everything is now unpacked from the towers of boxes and we excitedly await the arrival of our couch. I think once that arrives we will have a better direction on what to do with everything else and the amount of space we have.

These days, when I’m not diving into a new area of our apartment, I’m freelancing and trying to make time to take myself out to explore the city. Getting out of the house is a HUGE must when homesickness settles in.

I know it will take time to settle in and feel normal. Everything worth having takes time.

Enjoy your day!

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Vlogging Whole Foods and Minneapolis

Trying something new! Here’s a rather chatty video I made of my day yesterday. I went to Whole Foods Market and I loved it (no surprise there).

I thought it would be fun to make some videos in the hopes to connect with friends and family now that Christopher and I have relocated to Minneapolis. I think it will be a good change to share some experiences this way.

Enjoy the video and your day! <3

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My Man Crush Monday tribute goes to this new-to-town-U-Haul-driving-IKEA-sleeper sofa-bound dude who also drove for over 8 hours earlier that same day who then assembled said sleeper sofa just enough for his wife to sleep on while she was clutching her migraine ridden head.

Our move day started just as planned, we woke up extra early, checked out of the hotel, packed some frozen food from our freezer into a cooler, dropped off our keys, grabbed extra ice for the cooler, hit McDonalds for a couple egg white delights finally we were on the road!

We then experienced all 4 seasons on the way to Minneapolis. Crazy wind in Kalamazoo, snow and rain in Wisconsin and blue skies and sunshine as we rolled in to Minnesota.

Then after signing our lease, we brought our bags up to our place, Christopher installed the wifi because priorities and then I called around about renting a vehicle to pick up the sofa we decided to buy the previous week. My headache was starting to get really annoying at this point. This is when we SHOULD HAVE had dinner… instead, we picked up the U-Haul van, Christopher did a spectacular job driving, avoiding all the bikers, pedestrians and mastered all of the abrupt lane changes.

We picked up our sofa, drove it back to our place and hauled all 3 boxes up to our 4th floor apartment (thank goodness we have an elevator now!). At this point we took the van back and I was pretty miserable. Christopher went to CVS to get the very essential, toilet paper and upon arriving back home I curled up in my sleeping bag on the floor hoping for death. Within what felt like seconds, Christopher tapped me on the shoulder and said that I could sleep on the sofa :) It wasn’t fully assembled because he ran out of light but it was together enough for me to collapse on. I’m so thankful to him for giving me a place to get a good night of sleep, even when that meant that he would sleep on the floor.

Christopher, you rocked out that move day. Kicked its ass, even! I’m so thankful to you and our new adventures.

Also! The ETA on our stuff arriving is Thursday. I can’t wait to get things somewhat normal.

Plus, we bought a brand new living room couch! Things are lookin’ good.

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