Kalamazoo Antique Market

A couple of weeks ago, Christopher, his brother and I went to the Kalamazoo Antique Market. It’s a shop that supports individual booths for individual sellers. It is located in downtown Kalamazoo right where all the action is. I had a really great time checking out all of the displays and drooling over so many of the items up for sale and all for decent prices. Enjoy this little sneak peak of the market!

perfect yarn caddy for those cat loving knitters!

I wanted to take home ALL of the blue glass bottles and the foot powder cans. Vintage packaging is the best!

My favorites were these vintage pull along toys! It was so hard for me not to adopt them. hahaha!

Hope you enjoyed this mini trip to the Kalamazoo Antique Market, there are so many goodies to see!

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