Slice of Life

My week, in snapshots:

1: Celebrating my brother’s birth with red velvet cake!

2: Cozy sweater and lace

3–5: Pizza party/date night

6–10: Escape to the woods

11: Thrifted Dr. Martens…$2!

12: All for $5, thank you thrifting!

13. Hand crafted bracelet courtesy of Pinterest

Overall, it was a very good week with beautiful weather. It was sunny and warm enough that I didn’t need to wear a jacket on Thursday (but I did anyway). Christopher and I went on a spontaneous date on our way home from Holland after celebrating my brother’s birthday, it was so much fun that we plan on doing more date nights, going to places we’ve never been before. This week afforded me the ability to hang-out in the woods for a while and I got paid so I threw a little thrifting in for good measure. AND some friends and I actually made a craft that we found via Pinterest! I think they turned out quite well. Hope everyone else had a great week too!

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