Slice of Life

1. Earning Badges!

2. Delicious junk food.


5–6. Crafting during the Super Bowl with some of my ladies!

7. Gender cake! Our friends, Kevin and Bethanie are having a BOY!

8–9. Sickness = Messiness

10–12. Awesome thrifted dress that’ll be perfect for an upcoming bridal shower.

11. Fabric for some fun wedding DIY

So this week, it started off great and ended rather lack luster. Being sick has really thrown me off, the laundry has REALLY started to pile up and dishes are far from washed. This happens to stress me out a little too much. But there were some good points too. I’m just trying to take care of myself now to get my health to improve. My sinuses hate me. Okay, enough complaining from me. I hope everyone else had a great week, take care of yourself, drink lots of water and sleep as much as you can!

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