Slice of Life (finally)

Well it looks like my ‘Slice of Life’ is mostly food this time around! It’s no secret that I take LOTS of photos of what I eat (my instagram is proof of that) it’s just that whenever I make something I’m proud of or about to eat a favorite food of mine I want to remember it visually as well as with my taste buds. These photos are from a weeks ago to just a couple days ago. Let’s revisit, shall we?

1. Back in good old Holland, remember that? It seems like a long time ago now.

2. Fro-yo! We seriously need some in Kalamazoo, it seems crazy that we are without.

3. Scratch made mac & cheese (mom’s recipe).

4. Coffee Kiss

5. Pancakes from my fiance! He makes them perfectly. Pancakes were actually the first thing he ever cooked for me. When they came out exactly the way I like them, I knew he was a keeper.

6. Fancy coffee (one of many from the past two weeks)

7. Little Miss iPhone!!! and what a joyous day it was.

8. Grilled meat

9. Bocce ball and the boys

10. Barbecue chicken pizza with apples and¬†mozzarella. Make your own pizza night at our Family Dinner’s 2nd birthday party. It turned out marvelously.

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