Slice of Life: Last Sunday of the Month

The last Sunday of the month is the best Sunday of the month. That is the day that the Allegan Antique Market is set up with vendors selling their treasures. I have enjoyed going twice now and look forward to going two more times before their season is over. The weather was perfect for both trips, maybe a bit on the hot side. The biggest score of the day today was the gigantic letter A from the photo above. Christopher and I plan on putting lights in it an hanging it on one of our walls. We are now on the hunt for the letter C, J and maybe an ampersand too.

I tend to fall in love with almost everything I see at antique markets so I’ve found the best way for me to not spend ALL of my money is to photograph some of my favorite things. Sometimes just the displays are my favorite parts. Sooo here are some photos from the past two Allegan Antique Markets I’ve gone to. Enjoy some of this rusty old goodness!

2. Rusty toys

3. Old chair, cute pillow.

4. Bottles

5. Tiny HIT spy camera that really works (if you can find film, that is)

6. Trays and trays of type.

7. Totes :)

8. My dream living room set 😉

9. Guitars, ukuleles, banjos.

10. Baby doll.

11. Loving the print on this pot.

12. Mini purse.

13. Beaching at Sandy Pines.

14. Sleepy puppy.

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