The Color Run: Fifty Shades Brighter

Well! We all did it! And I’m sure if follow me on twitter and/or instagram you are well aware of that. I’m so happy and proud of my ‘Fifty Shades Brighter’ teammates (yes, that is in fact a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ reference). Just as advertised, it was such a happy event. People of all fitness levels and ages were there. It felt more awesome than I could have imagined to run with a group of people all cheering each other on. It felt like I ran only 1 mile as opposed to the 3.1 miles that it actually was. This was my first but certainly not last 5K.

At the end of the run there was an outdoor dance party to celebrate. The hosts would trow out bags of colored powder and we would all throw the power into the air at the same time. The longer we stayed and danced, the more colorful and outrageous looking we became. The most hilarious part was going out to lunch after the race, we looked insane but, the people at T.G.I.Fridays were totally cool (mostly amused) with our situation. I am so glad I was able to share this event with these ladies! Here are some photos from the day to enjoy…

before the color flew…

coming out of the cloud of purple powder at the 1K mark! It was beautiful to see all of that color in the air.

*insert lip-bite here*

I also want to congratulate my husband on his first place win at his first disc golf tournament yesterday. His first tournament and he walks away with a trophy. What a champ :)

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