Reception pt. 2

Well we made it! This is the final in my wedding series of posts! Thanks for sticking with me through this. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these as much as I’ve enjoyed posting these. First, we start with our dances. Christopher and I danced to ‘It Had to Be You’ by Frank Sinatra because not only is it a beautiful song, but it is the theme in our favorite movie (and what started our friendship in the first place) ‘When Harry Met Sally’. The dances were made very special because of the spotlight we were able to use.

My dad and I danced to the Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ theme song. This was a very favorite movie of mine growing up and it holds great significance to my relationship with my father.

Christopher and his mom danced to ‘The Man You’ve Become’ sung by Molly Pasutti. The first line reminds me so much of Christopher!

After all of the formalities and food (which was incredibly delicious!) we could let loose and dance the night away!

Half of the reason why we chose this as our reception venue was to have this photo taken. How often do you get to have your name in lights? It was pretty special.

An Alpha Sigma Phi tradition (Christopher’s fraternity) for weddings is to perform a rose ceremony. After going to many Alpha Sigma Phi weddings in the past I was very much looking forward to this tradition as well as being sung to by the whole group <3

And then they went a little nuts :)

Probably dancing to ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond. We sure get into that one!

A very thoughtful gift we opened during our reception was from a family friend of Joneses. For the past three Christmases we were given the cutest hand painted Christmas ornaments depicting a bear and a fox. We got one at our first Christmas together, the year we got engaged, after our summer in Switzerland, and now a wedding one. They are very special to Christopher and I. I was so happy to not have to wait to Christmas to get this one!

Oh. And this happened…

Clearly, I am scarred for life 😉

We ended the night with french toast sticks and cold milk. I was in heaven! I was exhausted and happy as the night was winding down. Seriously, planning this wedding was not easy or something I EVER want to do again, but after looking back at it all I have to say that I am proud of Christopher and I for working like a team in making our wedding day perfect for us.

Photos by Joy Reisterer

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