Witchy Woman

Oh boy! It’s Halloween already! I feel like it really creeped up on me this time around. Last year I bought a pair of spider web tights and was so happy that I remembered them this year. Being that I was at work and the weather was quite cold I decided to wear one of my favorite sweaters and jean skirt. The spider web tights were made just a little better with my witch-inspired booties. For feeling like the day crept up on me, I think I pulled it off just fine :)

Sweater & Skirt: Gap / Tights: Target / Boots: Thrifted


ALSO! Over the weekend, Christopher and I went to a Halloween party hosted by some of our best friends. Ever since Christopher was a kid his mom would sew his Halloween costumes and now that I have my own sewing machine Christopher was insistant that we make our own costumes this time around. I have to admit, I was nervous. I never used a sewing pattern before but it was not that bad at all (after a scare with sizing). We went as cave man and women. This was also the first Halloween that we had a ‘couple costume’.

Christopher made the vest without a pattern, I think that was my favorite piece of all of the costume parts.

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween and ate lots of candy! I know I did.

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