All about Abe

Abraham Lincoln has been all over the place in recent weeks, likely because of the success of the fantastic movie by Steven Spielberg (as well as his stint as a vampire hunter). Mr. Lincoln has been my favorite president since I visited Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC while I was in 8th grade. His story, life, and presidency are extremely inspirational to me. Because of people like him, our country moves forward to embrace all people. In honor of my admiration for Abe and his resurgence into our pop culture, here is a collection of Abe-inspired items I found on the internet. Enjoy!

1. Who would you trust with your files? Well Honest Abe, of course!

2. Log Cabin syrup 100’s anniversary tin. Not only do I love maple syrup, but I love that the inspiration of this product was to honor Mr. Lincoln’s humble beginnings of being a child in a one room log cabin in Kentucky.

3. Adorable greeting card that I completely agree with.

4. Art decco AND Abe Lincoln? In salt & pepper shakers?? Well I’m sold.

5. I downloaded this typeface AS SOON as I found it!

6. I’d wear these earrings every day if they were mine.

7. Sharp looking penny mosaic money clip, all the better to keep your bills in check.

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