Drawing Challenge: first 5 days

As promised, this is the first batch from my 30 day drawing challenge. The first 5 are more personal drawings so I decided to leave them in more of a sketch form (also, I didn’t have loads of time to dedicate to flushing them out). I actually think it makes sense to leave them in more of a raw form being that they are personal. The next five I am going to change how I present the end result a little, not 100% on how that’ll look, but I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve. Anyway, without further rambling, here’s what I’ve got!


My favorite animal.

My favorite food.

My favorite place.

My best friend. (banana face aka. Luke) 😉

My drawing style has always naturally been more sketchy instead of deliberate strong lines, as much as I had wished it was different. For this reason is why I believe I enjoy making images on the computer, my image making is more crisp and strong. But I am learning to embrace my natural drawing style as well as how to improve it in other ways.

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