Show & Tell

Heeeey! Want to know what I’ve been working on recently at my job and what has been contributing to my utter exhaustion when I arrive home, frankly leaving me too exhausted to thoughtfully take photos, edit, post and promote them? HERE YA GO! I don’t mean to sound bitter, it’s more that I am frustrated that I’m not Wonder Woman-like with the infinite amount of energy to do all that I would like to. Despite the fact that I am experiencing this type of frustration I walk away from my job some days with a smile on my face because of projects like this one. This digital sign might not be the most miraculous thing ever but damn! I was proud to send this out to my client and make them happy. Is that what we call ‘life balance’? My blog might be taking a back seat right now but my work life is going pretty well and I’m very happy to share that here too.

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