Photo Diary

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1. My pal Rachel of Do What You Love found this vintage Abraham Lincoln perfume bottle for me while thrifting, she knows me soooo well :)

2. Always a good day when these come in the mail!

3. Exciting Saturday nights of working out and doing my nails.

4. Easter bunnies, almost too pretty to eat.

5. Little bottles of booze from the largest liquor store I’ve ever seen.

6 & 7. I squealed when this came in the mail and I love using it already.

8. Surrounded by Apples.

9. Fancy dinner with a friend.

10. Oven baked sweet potato chips, super easy to make!

11. Small soy latte, please.

12 & 13. Scenes from the retirement party of a great design professor and the banner former students made for him.

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