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I haven’t had my iPad mini for long, but I already have a favorite app. That just so happens to be Paper by 53. This is unlike any drawing app I’ve tried before. It not only is it very responsive to touch in regards to image making, but there are many different drawing tools like a pencil, pen and paint brush. The user has the ability to mix colors and have multiple notebooks that can be labeled individually. In my opinion, it works the best with a stylus, but I love that you don’t have to use one. They do offer a free version and it was just enough to get me hooked. It gives you notebooks, a color pallet and one drawing tool (I think it’s the pen). After you create a drawing, use it to take notes or create a diagram, you can share the image through social media, email and to you camera roll. Paper has been full of inspiration, especially with their tumblr gallery, but just having these digital tools to make something quick has been very satisfying. I see myself using this app as a way to quickly render design ideas that are floating around in my head, as well as a way to pass the time and occupy the creative part of my mind. For technology lovers with a creative edge, Paper is perfect.

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