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The glorious internet is a lifesaver for food inspirations. Especially when you want to dress up some old favorites. Lately, I’ve been getting some pretty awesome ideas for light summertime salads that I want to try immediately! Salads have gradually become a obsession of mine, especially because there are no rules to make them taste great and they can be different every time you grab the lettuce. And I don’t know about you, but after I eat a salad I feel like my internal battery just got a healthy jolt and I won’t have to rely on coffee to see me through the rest of my day. Below are just a few that have caught my attention. My favorite site for all things food is Tastespotting followed very closely by Pinterest (of course!). Anyone have any stand-by summertime salads? If so, I’m in the market for a good one :)

asparagus avocado and chickpea quinoa salad citrussalad4 quinoa_2



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