1 year anniversary. 56 things.

acj1We made it! 1 year of marriage is marked today. What’s crazy to me is that while 1 year of marriage isn’t a lot, we’ve had quite a long history together. So in honor of that, here are a few facts to get to know us better, 56, to be exact. Enjoy! And Happy Anniversary, Christopher, I know you’re reading this too :)

1. We’ve been together for a total of 2304 days.

2. We met in college, both studying graphic design.

3. We had our first kiss at a bowling alley.

4. We never planned on getting married until we were in our 30’s, but that all changed shortly after we started dating.

5. She cooks.

6. He’ll eat everything she makes.

7. He fixes all things that need fixing and/or assembling.

8. She tends to break things.

9. His sweet-tooth didn’t exist until he met her.

10. She is currently trying to tame her sweet-tooth.

11. We lived in Switzerland on internship for 3 months.

12. We seem to be surrounded by the number 9 (apartment number, wedding date, graduating in 2009…)

13. We know what kind of dog we are going to get and what her name will be, we just don’t know when we will adopt her.

14. She is constantly impressed with how much he knows.

15. He laughs at her dumb jokes.

16. We have SO many conversations that start with “I heard on NPR…”

17. We both hate our sinuses and want new ones.

18. The first decision we made while planning our wedding was to have personalized Jones Soda bottle favors.

19. He showers in the morning.

20. She showers at night.

21. He HATES country music.

22. She hates it less than he does.

23. He snores at night.

24. Apparently she does too.

25. He knows about every new app when it comes out.

26. She counts on him to tell her about the good ones.

27. We’ve been known to use iChat with each other while we are sitting next to each other on the couch.

28. He always gets her Birthday AND Christmas gifts ANNND wraps them in different wrapping paper.

29. She knows how much it bugs him when an HD TV isn’t set to the correct aspect ratio.

30. He introduced her to the wonderful world of Tim Hortons.

31. We now live in walking distance from one.

32. She never knows what to give him for special occasions.

33. He gives the best gifts.

34. He is always watching 5 tv shows at one time.

35. She can’t commit to shows for very long.

36. He always wants to go disc golfing.

37. She always wants to go camping.

38. We love expensive well made furniture.

39. Right now, we mostly have second-hand furniture.

40. We go on rants about design, religion and politics, mostly just between the two of us.

41. She doesn’t like to be hugged for at least 10 minutes after coming home from work.

42. He has learned to wait 11 minutes.

43. We LOVE Mexican food and are working on making a salsa that we both love from scratch.

44. She fell for him because of his beard.

45. He kept his beard.

46. He LOVES hockey.

47. She doesn’t care much for sports, but enjoys hockey the most.

48. We had a pancake picnic on his living room floor on one of our first dates.

49. He made the pancakes perfectly.

50. She knew right then that he was a keeper.

51. She always thinks he smells great.

52. He doesn’t even own cologne.

53. He loves the color blue.

54. She says her ‘power color’ is orange.

55. Which are complimentary colors, they feel that they compliment each other quite well.

56. We are pretty glad to be stuck together forever.

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