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Big Star Lake is cherished land for my family. We are lucky to have a cottage there and this year marked 30 years of laughing, boat rides, relaxing and good food. This was the first time I visited in 2 years so I was itching to get back there this weekend. The moment I saw the lake on the drive up I about jumped out of the moving car. HA!

Here are some photos from the weekend. I hope to go up at least one more time this summer. It never fails to wow me up there.

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1. The final turn before the cottage!

2. Still a beautiful place after 30 years.

3. Lake side loungin’.

4. Playing catch!

5. Beach essentials.

6. Stylish beach gal.

7 & 8. Kona and Pete, the pups of the lake.

9. Stillness on the water.

10. My first time on a paddle board. So much fun!

11. Sunset on night 1.

12. The trusty pontoon boat.

13. My cousin and her tiny lady.

14. Going on a very short lived tube ride :)

15 & 16. Good eats.

17. Bottoms up!

18. Family portrait.

19 & 20. Wish lanterns being released before the fireworks.

21. Sunset on night 2.

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