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Making the most of my weekend days (when I’m not traveling) has become a huge help with minimizing stress. What that means to me is to mix things I need to do, like grocery shopping, laundry and straighten (some) things up around the apartment with things I love to do like going to yoga, spending time with friends or family and going to Sunday brunch with my husband. In the past I’ve only focused on doing fun things during the weekend, but I noticed that if I don’t prepare for the week ahead, I feel pretty lost and I’m scrambling picking up the pieces for days. I don’t ever get it everything done but as long as I feel like I’m taking a few strides forward then the effort is worth it.

I hope all of you had a great weekend! I’m hoping to have a few posts up here pretty soon. I have so much content in my queue and I think I just need to get it allllll out here so I have a clean slate. I guess I’ve been too busy enjoying summer to devote more to this little old blog :) Oh well, you gotta get that sun while it’s here, am I right?

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