Happy Halloween from a skeleton and Sharknado!

halloween2 halloween3

This year for my Halloween costume I decided to take it easy and use a low maintenance costume that I hope to use with in the future. Maybe during non-Halloween times? Who knows! The fact that it’s a ‘cat suit’ makes it easy to layer and repurpose. I even plan on wearing it to yoga this week. Oh the fun :)

Christopher really knocked it out with his Sharknado costume. He made it himself, I helped pin some of the tulle and sharks on but the rest was all him. Very impressive, I’d say. It was a huge hit at the party we went to over the weekend.

halloween4 halloween5 halloween6 halloween7

Christopher had the best couple costume of the night, not with me, but this little shark boy. He is the son of one of our friends. For me at least, the biggest hit of the night was seeing this very happy costume coincidence.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. I’ll be going to Bell’s Masquerade Ball to drink great beer and dance the night away.

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