Midwest UX (day 1 pt. 1)


After starting off with a rocky start this morning, I’m here in Grand Rapids ready for my workshop at Midwest UX! I need to kill some time before it starts so I thought I would write about why I’m excited to be here and what I hope to experience:

1. Learn more about the impact of UX. UX stands for User Experience which in a lot of ways is the basis for all design because someone is intended to use/experience what you create in some way. Design is much more than making a cohesive system that looks nice. The goal of design is to create a way for the desired audience to use a product or learn information the most efficient way possible. So during this conference I hope to walk away with a better understanding of how to make that possible across all mediums. Big goals, people!

2. Meet new people. I am attending this 3-day conference all by myself which I will admit is a bit scarier than I thought it would be. Not having the comfort of a friend or my husband means it is up to me to have an enjoyable time and make new bonds in the local design community. I think it is very important to be out of my comfort zone, but that doesn’t make it easy.

3. Be totally shocked by something. Anything, really! A fact, a statistic, a conversation, a lesson whatever. I’m here to learn and I hope to have my current knowledge challenged.

4. Bring what I learn back to work. I am fortunate enough to be attending this conference at all thanks to my employer. I think being here will enhance my projects back at home and it could even jump start some new projects that will make a large impact. Everything I design has a purpose so it will be nice to get some perspective on what that actually means.

And there you have it! Those are my goals and the reasons why I’m here. I will post more after my first day is over with hopefully some new insight. The workshop I will be attending today is called “Design Studio for Context Aware Products” Wish me luck!

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