Photo Diary / Bavarian Thanksgiving


Tradition was thrown to the wind this Thanksgiving. Where I have been use to a home cooked feast for most of my life, this year took a turn for the Bavarian. In years past, my husband and I have been bouncing around Michigan to see both of our families for the holiday. Even though it is a longer weekend, the traveling makes the weekend very long and busy. This year Christopher and his brother thought it would be great to all meet up in Frankenmuth for the Bavarian Inn’s Thanksgiving buffet dinner and it was a major hit! It was a great meeting spot for all of us and it was just what we all needed to enjoy each others company with zero stress. The dinner made me feel very thankful for the people who were willing to work on such a great holiday. The first 3 photos were taken with Christopher’s iPhone because, sadly, my phone’s battery died.




Thanks4 Thanks5 Thanks6

1. The food set up.

2. So, I had 4 plates of food. This was plate #2. Yes, you do see a pancake and scrambled eggs :) Their food did not disappoint.

3. Anderson & Jones group photo!

4. Bavarian Inn Lodge

5. giant Wally Bronner ornament & giant Santa

6. The one and only Bronner’s. Christmas for as far as the eye can see.

7. One of MANY very cheesy couple photos taken. :)

I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday with great food and memories. I’m thankful for each of you <3

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