New year & New goals

2014Hooray! It’s 2014! With the new year here I’m excited to announce my new goals. Particularly my goal of interjecting more adventure in my life. More saying ‘yes’ to things rather than saying ‘no’.

This goal has been a few months in the making spurred by several conversations with my husband regarding what we want to accomplish this year. A lot of what we want to do involves taking chances and relying on instinct. This goal will be both exciting and challenging, like most goals are. Things will start off slow, like saying ‘yes’ to things like trying a new pizza topping or a new game. Not exactly difficult things to do, but it’s the little stuff that sets a precedent for larger leaps of faith.

I will be showcasing this project on the blog as the year goes on. The ups, the downs and anything that I find valuable. Get ready! Adventure is on it’s way!

My other goals for the new year are more traditional and include saving some money, Christopher and I are doing the 52 week money challenge. I am also going to try to do a better job of managing my time.

Some of you have asked if the Stress Free Project will continue in 2014, and the answer is yes, sort of. My focus is changing but with this new focus I have a feeling I will need to learn ways to cope with this new way of thinking. I will still categorized these posts accordingly so they will be easy to find. And now for some inspiration to get us started for the new year!





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