up the wolves


One of the best things in life is music. My relationship with music has always been full and changing. Sure, I have my go-to songs and musicians, but there are times when a song hits me across the face and it’s all I want to listen to because I feel the emotion of the song so acutely.

I have been replaying the song ‘Up the Wolves’ over and over since it aired on ‘The Walking Dead’ during the episode ‘Still’. The heart of the song is about overcoming the past and basically flipping it the bird (much like what was shown during the episode of the show). The angst-y nature of the songs lyrics is paired perfectly with the voice of lead singer, John Darnielle. I listened to the album ‘The Sunset Tree’ by The Mountain Goats not long after it debuted in 2005. It has been years since I gave it a listen so I more or less forgotten about this particular song.

Lately I have been in the process of overcoming personal roadblocks. This song came back to me at a time when I needed to be reminded to keep looking forward and to not let the past paralyze my future.

When drawing the end of the chorus for this song, I kept the look rough, primitive and dark. However I did keep some of the edges soft because there is an air of hopefulness that weaves through the music. This song is charged with confidence and instinct which is why I chose to keep the color pallet limited to black, white and grey.

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