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March kept me on my toes all month long. Most weekends were busy and work was rather insane leaving me exhausted upon arriving at home at night. For a little while it felt like March would never end, but I was able to keep it together and make it to April.

Here are some of the things I loved:


The traveling yoga jam session duo (sounds like the best thing ever, right) known as ‘GO W/ THE FLOW‘ visited my neck of the woods last week. Their mission is all about the immersion of vinyasa yoga flow and live music. No session is ever the same, it is based on the energy of the crowd they’re visiting. Tori verbally leads the session and her partner, Ben, plays guitar. The rhythm of the practice is based on counts of 4 which creates a good tempo to internalize as you breathe, sweat and follow along.

I heard about this experience from my chiropractor who had gone to one of their practices a few months ago. Her description made it sound like a party on a yoga mat. Needless to say, from this hobbyist yogi, it basically was just that! My favorite parts of their act are the beatbox style breathing through out the event. This served as a great reminder so your breath can stay where it needs to be. Another favorite of mine was the interaction between you and your neighbor’s practice. Many times we were encouraged to physically support our neighbor. Something just as simple as having your neighbor support your leg. To me, this was another perfect cue to remind all of us that our practice shouldn’t be focused solely on the individual, like in life, we all must help each other to succeed. I know, full circle, life affirming stuff!

I feel like this group embodies so much of what I love: performance, live music, interaction and yoga. If you love those things too, check them out! And if they drop by your town, just sign up!


Ok. ok. Let’s move on to food. I think I met my salad soul mate. I feel like I shouldn’t just throw that term out so loosely, but it has been a few weeks since I first had this salad and I just can’t get over it! I first had it with some of my gal pals at the Electric Cheetah in Grand Rapids and after that I made my own modified version. This little beauty consisted of spinach, roasted turkey, feta, quinoa, beets, red grapes, onion straws and a delicious light vinaigrette that I almost got on the side but was urged by the waiter to leave it on as is. That guy knew what he was talking about!

When I made it, this is what I did:

baby spinach
honey roasted turkey breast
quinoa infused with pesto
onion straws

raw honey
dijon mustard
zest from one lemon
juice from one lemon
olive oil


I look at NPR as my constant car companion. During the weekends their programing is at its best. A favorite show that Christopher and I both enjoy is ‘Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!‘ Many times during their broadcasts I laugh out loud. I don’t know about you, but I like the news much more in the form of limerick. When I heard that a recording of the show would take place in Kalamazoo I couldn’t resist.

It was very fun show, the crowd was lively and they interviewed Terry Crews. Think NFL star, Old Spice commercials, Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor, WMU alumni, that’s the guy.

Oddly enough I never did get around to hearing the broadcast of the show. I’ll have to look up the podcast soon.


When I was visiting my mom after a doctors appointment I stopped by a really cute boutique called Spring Sweet and that’s when I saw this beautiful kimono style top. I tried it on, laid down my credit card and never looked back. This little baby is flowy and hits just the right place on my torso. This is one of those rare pieces that I’m excited to style for work and for the weekend. I’ve already worn it a few times to work and I can’t wait to style it this summer with a pair of cut off shorts or skirt.


How did our friends want to celebrate their 30th birthdays? Oh you know, by having their friends gather together and tell them what horrible people they are :) We all got dressed up, liquored up and then let the insults fly during a Comedy Central style Roast. Even now, I still can’t believe how hilarious our friends are! It was mean, degrading and absolutely perfect. Christopher threw caution to the wind and performed some material that he wrote. It was fun to help him structure some of the jokes and to give feedback.

What I learned that night: my friends are all evil geniuses.

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