Photo Diary: Pittsburgh


A week ago Christopher and I traveled to Pittsburgh. It was a perfectly timed escape from the norm. We planned this trip a few months ago to look at grad school at Carnegie Mellon University. We went during a visitor day to get a better understanding of what the program is like. That part was very informative, but my favorite part was getting aquatinted with the city. I had never visited Pittsburgh before and had no real expectations. The first thing that struck me were the amount of bridges and rivers that connected the city. Fortunately, we had great weather all weekend, which always makes travel better.

My favorite parts of the trip were seeing campus, eating, walking around taking photos of everything and visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

Enjoy the quick trip to the city of steel.


Car ridin’.

pit2 pit3

Deciding what to do first.

pit4 pit5 pit6

The Shipwrecked burger.

pit7 pit8 pit9 pit10 pit11 pit12

Point State Park.


Carnegie Mellon University.

pit14 pit15 pit16 pit17 pit18

Magnolia trees.

pit19 pit20 pit21

Hanging out with Andy Warhol.

pit22 pit232 pit24

This activity was on the ‘must-do’ list.

pit25 pit26

South Side Flats. Apparently this part of town is nuts, but I loved it.

pit27 pit28 pit29

Ketchup holds a special place in my heart 😉


German style beers at Penn Brewery!

pit31 pit32

Total masterpiece.


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