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Hi there! So the past 2 months have had ups and downs. About equal amounts of both, actually. I’ll talk more about some of that in a future post. Taking some time off has been both beneficial and heart wrenching, I’ve missed keep up with things around here. I hope to get in a better groove soon. Either way, Let’s focus on all of the good that the past 2 months have provided. Enjoy!


Oh the Tangel Teezer. This hair brush is a product that I’ve heard about for a while on the internet and it has always intrigued me, especially because it claims to be super gentle on hair. The texture of my hair is quite fine and it needs a brush that is more ‘hearts and rainbows’ to my scalp than ‘business only’. Of course the problem then becomes one of taking too long¬†to style. While in the Pittsburgh Urban Outfitters, I came face-to-face with the brush and decided to take the leap! Let me tell you! I’m so glad that I did. My hair and scalp love this brush. In just a few swipes, my hair is ready. This product fits perfectly into my low maintenance lifestyle. To be honest, my husband, Christopher loves to use it too ūüėČ

Again, being at Urban Outfitters in Pittsburgh, I strolled through the SALE section (because you’ve gotta do it!) and came across the PERFECT summer flannel. Didn’t think that was possible, but there it was! Not only is this button up shirt a vibrant color (perfect for cool nights at the beach), it is slightly cropped and loose fitting so it is well ventilated when a breeze rolls in.

Oh. My. Gosh. I’ve said it before (on twitter), but I’ll say it again… eating a cheeseburger can really be a transcendent experience. There’s no secret that I love food, cooking it but mostly eating it but my biggest food-crush during the month of April¬†was a damn good cheeseburger. I went through most of the month asking myself, ‘when can I have another cheeseburger? I had one yesterday, is less than 24 hours too soon?’ Do you ever get like that? When you get so¬†laser-focused on a type of food that if everywhere you go just offered that one thing, you would be more than happy? Well that was me! I had some notably awesome moments with cheeseburgers at: Winghart’s Burger & Whisky Bar in Pittsburgh, the Alamo Drafthouse, and Gonzo’s BiggDogg Brewing.

In April, Christopher and I made the journey to Pittsburgh, as you’ve gathered by now ūüėČ We had so much fun exploring the city and its different neighborhoods. We saw the Andy Warhol museum, visited Carnegie Mellon University, ate great food and took a bit of a detour and saw Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece ‘Fallingwater’. See more of our trip here.

In my eyes (and ears) Jack White can do no wrong. From the White Stripes to the Raconteurs¬†and beyond he sits just about at¬†the top of my favorites list for music. I love his voice and his anything-goes attitude about his music. When I first heard the song ‘Lazaretto’ I pressed ‘replay’ like a million times. Super high energy and diversity of song style is what I’m looking forward to when his new solo album releases next week!


The last couple of weeks in May were DOMINATED by Banks. I¬†regularly listen to Songza’s playlist ‘Blogged 50‘ and the song ‘This Is What It Feels Like‘ by Banks played just once and I looked her up as fast as possible. If you are into chick rock, electronic music, or complex mixes of sound, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD look her up. Even if you like none of those things at all, just listen to the damn music, I would find it impossible to believe that you wouldn’t find her music to be a work of art. Her EP ‘LONDON’ with the addition of the songs ‘Brain’ and ‘Goddess’ have been keeping me chugging at work with Spotify and grooving at home. If I could see that lady in concert I think I would just die. I realize I’m overly dramatic, but damn, when I love music¬†I go alllllll in.

In Michigan, we were graced with the most beautiful weather I ever remember having on Memorial Day weekend. I went up to Big Star Lake in Baldwin, MI with Christopher to visit family and get some beach time in. I tell you what, there was sun, no clouds, family, doggies, paddling on the water, good food, and remarkable sunsets. 100% perfection is not an exaggeration at all.

The best bike shop in Kalamazoo for those who want a bike with LOTS of love. A long time ago, I out grew my beloved beach cruiser bike that I used in college and began thinking about a new ride a couple of months ago. I have several friends who know a lot about bikes and advised strongly against buying a¬†bike from a non-reputable source, but spending $1,000 on a new ride was not in the cards. In my mind, the best case senario would be buying a vintage bike that was rebuilt. My pal, Jami and I searched Craig’s List and came to a listing that pointed us to a bike shop that I didn’t know existed called Kzoo Swift. THIS is that bike shop that rebuilds and sells vintage bikes, aka. a freaking home run, yo! They have a huge selection of bikes and for prices that are very reasonable. They buy, sell, and trade bikes and parts and are just generally the kind of guys who really care about your bike. They have a 90 day guarantee when they sell their bikes too, so if I needed them to fix something within that timeframe they’d take care of it. This is where I was introduced to, test rode and fell in love with a 1980’s pink Miyata 90 road bike, now named Roxanne. Once I made the purchase, the owner showed me how to use the quick release for the front tire so I could easily load it into my car. They were very genuine in helping this bike novice. The following week, I traded in my old bike for an Abus bike lock with them. It felt good to do that too because I know that they will find that bike a great home. So if you are in the Kalamazoo area and want a bike, visit their shop.

If you watch the show The Shark Tank, you might be aware of this kayak that was featured a few weeks ago. Well, after YEARS of wanting to buy kayaks, Christopher and I took the plunge with these foldable, small space friendly boats! Earlier in the month participated in a kayak demo day through Lee’s Adventure Sports in Kalamazoo and fell head-over-heels for 2 boats and we could actually afford them. We were so close to making the purchase but then we got home to our one bedroom apartment and realized that it would be impossible to store them anywhere. After just about sobbing our eyes out we were reminded of the Oru Kayaks from a friend of ours. Christopher found them on Kickstarter about a year ago. After watching their presentation on Shark Tank and seeing that it would actually be cheaper to buy these boats we decided to go for it :) The should arrive in a week or two from now. We are ecstatic, but it also feels like the longest Christmas eve EVER.

Memorial Day weekend was the perfect time to jump back into this 5 part trilogy ūüėČ I had read the first Hitchhiker’s book last summer and got completely distracted for the rest of the year, but am now back at it. I just finished the second book The¬†Restaurant at the End of the Universe and am now reading the third Life, the Universe and Everything. Even though this book series by Douglas Adams is over 30 years old it is still feels relevant and retains a lot of humor. This sci-fi series really tugs at my Futurama lovin’ heart strings. It’s silly and smart. The very basics of this book series is that Arthur Dent is saved from the demolition of Earth by alien and contributor to the Hitchhiker’s Guide, Ford Perfect, before Earth is removed¬†from the galaxy in¬†order to make way for a¬†hyperspatial express route. They meet up with the president of the galaxy, Trillian fellow human who embraced the space travel lifestyle, and the chronically depressed android Marvin. The series starts to center around the answer to the question of why ’42’ is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. I recommend this book series to anyone who likes a little humor with their sci-fi. It has been a very fun read so far.

What have you been loving in the past couple of months? I’d love to hear about it :)

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