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Hello! January has been a very fulfilling month. It feels like I was able to get a lot of things done and I’m well on my way to have a great 2015. Other than getting a good handle on my productivity and time management, here are the little things that made my month extra special…

1. Bellavitano Merlot Reserve Cheese:
When Christopher and I visited my dad and his family for Christmas he had a platter of vegetables, fruit, cheese and crackers ready for us when we arrived. He always feeds us sooo well when we visit. My favorite item that he introduced us to was this cheese right here! It’s a hard, salty, crumbles a little bit yet still has a great creamy taste. It’s a perfect cheese for snacking. I found it on a recent trip to Costco and I had to pick a hunk up for myself.

2. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Foaming Bath:
Epsom salt is a great natural healer because of the mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium. The magnesium can help reduce inflammation and increase muscle and nerve function while sulfates aid in the body’s absorption of nutrients and flushing of toxins. To me, this all seems like extra credit because that’s not why I bought it in the first place! This product is something I picked up from Ulta with a gift card I received from Christmas. I was almost out of bubble bath but I didn’t know what to get because I tend to use a lot at a time and many of the bottles were both small and expensive. I almost gave up, but then I found Dr. Teal’s. This is one huge 34 oz bottle of bubble bath that is only $7. This stuff smells so calming, has all the benefits of epsom salt AND the few times I’ve used it were the best baths of my life. I’m talking, best nights of sleep I’ve had in a while, calm mind and calm muscles.

3. Candle-ology, Wasabi:
In my hometown there is a shop called Moynihan Gallery that sells art and housewares. At the back of their shop they have a candle and scent shop in the back called Candle-ology where you can create your own custom scented candle from their large collection of scents. They have everything from earthy scents, floral scents, food scents too like hot chocolate. My mom and I were there for a while smelling almost all of their collection. I didn’t make my own scent but I did find one scent that I had to take home with me, which was called ‘wasabi’. It has a is light, clean citrusy and somewhat spicy scent. I’ve never smelled anything like it! The scent range is quite large, filling the entire apartment for a couple of days. The next one I am excited to buy is ‘tomato leaf’ and who knows! Maybe I’ll do a custom scent one day too.

4. Invisibilia podcast:
Those who know me even a little know that I love podcasts and radio shows in general. When Serial came out I followed it week by week and that’s pretty much how I feel about the show Invisibilia too, which explores the science of the mind and cognitive reasoning. That may sound super boring but it’s told with stories about people who have overcome unbelievable circumstances like a blind man who teaches other blind people how to create images and see the world around them using echo location. Another episode deals with the power of human thoughts. I have gobbled this so up so far! So if I were you, I’d add this to your podcast list right now.

5. Stila Convertible Color in Lillium:
With the Ulta gift card burning a hole in my pocket I decided to shop a new cheek color because until this shopping trip, I had been rocking the same blush for about 5 years and I needed to replace it. I quickly became sidetracked by all of the lovely shades of pale pink lip colors that I all of a sudden ‘absolutely needed in my life!’. I bet I wandered around Ulta for a good 30 minutes trying to figure out what to buy before I found the Stila Convertible Color compact. This thing does both lip and cheek color and does both well. I’m usually pretty skeptical yet hopeful with products like this because I want to believe that I can have it all in one item, but I usually wind up disappointed. Because this item is in my ‘favorites’ post you can probably tell that I’m pretty happy with it! As a cheek color, it blends into the skin easily with a blush brush and as a lip color it is subtle and not drying. I was so glad to get the item I wanted and needed for one price and not an outrageous price either.

6. Young Living ‘Breathe Again’ roll on:
One of my favorite products I’ve used since becoming a member of Young Living Essential Oils has been the ‘Breathe Again’ roll on. My sinus are always in need a lot of love so this product has been a great addition to clearing some sinus pressure and mild congestion. The smell is minty and the sensation is akin to vicks vaporub but not as intense. Unlike other essential oil products, the roll on makes application easy while still feeling instant relief.

7. Lili Bermuda in ‘Coral’:
Early in December, my mom went to house sit for a friend in Bermuda (pretty awesome, right?) Anyway, while she was there she saw so many beautiful sights and enjoyed a lot of the small businesses, one of which was a perfumery. When she told me about it I asked her if she could get me some and sure enough, on Christmas morning that was one of the gifts I got! She got me the travel sized scent of ‘Coral’. It has got to be my favorite scent of all time, and I’m a girl who loves her scents! What I love the most about it, other than the light citrus and floral notes is that it really stays with my body chemistry. Most perfumes I use fade in a matter of minutes, but this scent sticks with me for hours. I know that when it’s used up I’ll have a hard time not ordering it online immediately.

I really hope your first step into this new year has been a good one! I’m looking forward to what the next phase in this year will look and feel like (also scared shitless, to be honest). The next phase is ‘detox’. More on that later…

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