Productivity Week: the beginning


Welcome to Productivity Week!

In recent months I’ve been spending my free time cleaning up my poor use of time. I thought I would pass along some nuggets of wisdom that I’ve adopted to any of you fellow scatter brained people with the best of intentions out there.

Let’s start out by me giving you a brief intro of why this became so important to me. See, productivity has not always been a friend of mine. I have been chronically late for things my whole life, scatter brained as heck accompanied by an always changing to-do list associated with a constant feeling of never having enough time in the day to do what I find most valuable. It got to a point where I really thought my brain was failing me and I would forget some pretty important things.

My sun sign is Capricorn but I am on the cusp between that and Sagittarius. (ps. skip this section if you are super annoyed by astrology, I won’t mind) Capricorns are very grounded people and are comforted by order, structure and logic while Sagittarius are more happy-go-lucky and dream big. Basically it’s like the tortoise vs the hare. Being a little bit of both can be confusing when I want to live a blissful life but get caught up in the details and can’t find a balance to calm down both sides of what makes me tick. I get really annoyed when things don’t make logical sense and I can’t find a system to rely on (i.e. I am late to things and can’t remember to do the things I need to do) and then I get mad that these problems get in my way at all (i.e. spending more time on feeling upset than happy). This is a battle I’ve struggled with for a long time.

Then (start reading now if you skipped the last section) I found GTD!!! Sweet, sweet GTD. This program was just what I needed as sort of how-to guide on being more efficient on a daily basis. My logical side was like “YES! Directions! THANK YOU!” and my happy more creative side was jumping up and down because this meant my mind would be more freed up to have time to experiment, write and have fun. GTD or (Get Things Done) is a process oriented strategy that encourages everyone to remove all of the reminders and to-do lists from your brain and store them in a reliable place to organize by category, priority and project. This method has been widely loved and I recommend you giving it a look too! This method has been has been well established by David Allen. He has a couple great TED talks here and here that you should watch if you have some time.

I heard about this method through the Skillshare class called Get Stuff Done Like A Boss. I enrolled in the class and it has absolutely changed me. I then took Tiago Forte’s follow up class called Design Your Habits. Both classes were super powerful for me and maybe they will be just what you need to be even more of a BA.

Okay that’s it for today’s intro to this powerful week of ass kicking productivity! Check back tomorrow for more! (you better believe I just checked something off from my to-do list for the day and it felt amazing.)

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