Whole30 Day 15 thoughts


Helllllo! Welcome to the land of no grains, dairy, legumes or sugar!

AKA the good, the bad and the F you.

Sounds like fun, yeah?

Now that I am half way through the detox phase of this journey, I thought I would share some thoughts of my Whole30 experience so far:

Week 1 was strange, unorthodox even. Because I was sick with a cold (it wasn’t pretty) I was very tired and my appetite was gone for the most part. That week was a bad week but not because of Whole30. This very strange part of starting this way was that it led me to 2 feelings…

1. It led me into a false sense of security, feeling like my body didn’t crave sugar after all! Furthermore, assuming that once my health was back, the rest should be actually easy.


2. It gave me the confidence to look my cravings in the face and all the commercials featuring a perfectly styled slice of pizza and say ‘nope!’. The initial jolt of confidence gave me a good start before battling week 2.

Week 2 (being totally honest here) was hellish. Emotionally draining it fluctuated by the hour. After I would eat breakfast I would feel so so sooo good. After lunch I would feel happy, maybe a little envious at seeing what my fellow co-workers were nomming on. Then by 2 or 3pm I would feel kind of sad, lost or straight up pissed. For example, on Wednesday of last week we had a staff meeting and one of my co-workers sat in front of me with a mother fucking twix bar. I wanted to punch everyone in the face. My sugar dragon was like ‘What up now, B?!’ I calmed down, don’t worry. The feeling didn’t last long but it was powerful. Then, I would keep drinking water, which really did help me to make my way home between 5:30 and 6pm. Dinners have been awesome so far. We eat at the table, it’s all very cute. At the end I usually feel like, I’m good. I’m satisfied. I don’t need any more food today. Annnnd then it’s 8pm and I want the entire world’s supply of peanut butter. At this time of night, I am so damn glad that we don’t have anything in the apartment that I could sneak into my closet and munch on. The worst was one evening when I thought it would be an okay idea to pin cake recipes to bake in the ‘future’. Talk about food lust! It was brutal. In lieu of no after dinner snacking I would have more water, maybe some tea if I need it and then I would be okay again for the rest of the night.

I know that what I’m experiencing right now is normal. Totally normal. When I get to times that make me want to cry or punch everyone, I literally have to tell myself that ‘I’m doing this for my health! This is a gift, just for you. You aren’t being punished. I love you.’ This experience followed by the reintroduction phase and the allergy testing that I’ll have done this week is all to know how my body works so I can treat it right. I’m not aiming to be a perfect Whole30 person forever, that’s not what the program was designed for, but I need to be a perfect Whole30 person right now.

Now that I’ve officially entered week 3 I think I turned a corner and I’m noticing some real positive outcomes. Overall, my energy level has improved through out the day. Also, when I do get a headache it goes away MUCH faster, within minutes instead of hours. With the passing of each day saying no to sugar is easier which feels so damn good.

During this time I’m making an effort to document my thoughts, make note of any headaches I get, and sharing some of my meals (via Instagram) in the hopes to be present in what I’m doing and how I am feeling. I want to have my mind and body really be there for each other in real time, not passively. I want to know what makes me feel great, how to better fight temptation, and what makes me feel badly.

Ultimately, I feel like if 15 days of this hasn’t killed me or I haven’t killed anyone then the next 15 will be just fine.

FYI, in the next few days I’ll be posting about how I’ve structured my meal planning for Whole30, which has been crucial for my success so far. Annnnd I’ll be sharing a few recipes that have wow-ed me.

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