Baby J


Look at that sweet little face!!!

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to be assistant photographer to my pal, co-worker and all around BA photographer, Chris Fisher. We helped document little two month old Jeremiah, the son of our other lovely co-worker, Ashley, and his family.

When I wasn’t holding reflectors or helping to move things around I snapped a few shots of my own. I only took about 60 photos in total and these are my favorites that I captured. Check out Chris’ post to see more cute baby shots. He has so many great shots!

Jeremiah-030115-3 Jeremiah-030115-7 Jeremiah-030115-10 Jeremiah-030115-11 Jeremiah-030115-12 Jeremiah-030115-17

Every time I shoot something new I am reminded how precious documenting memories are. No matter if they are posed, candid, maybe not that flattering even. When we document our lives through photography time feels like a gift.

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