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I have always been fascinated by what people decide to carry with them on a regular basis and what that says about their life. One of my favorite video tags on YouTube is the ‘what’s in your bag’ tag and a website that has become another source of obsession is called Everyday Carry.

Right now, my life is mostly consists of walking to the corner coffee shop in the morning, firing up the computer, turning on some tunes and freelancing. This is the collection of things I bring with me. All of these items have a very distinct purpose. Nothing fancy. Everything fits in the computer bag (that I’ve had since college) or in my coat pocket.

Here’s a breakdown:
incase brand computer bag
15″ MacBook Pro (mid 2010)
fleck moleskine notebook
Pilot Precise V5 pen (the best pen on the planet)
ChapStick Classic
Coffee card, bank card & credit card
iPhone 6
Apartment Keys & pocket knife
power cords
Ear buds

I’d like to document other kinds of ‘every day carry’ experiences that I use. I try to vary what I carry based on what I’m doing that day so I’m not carrying too much extra baggage.

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