My Man Crush Monday tribute goes to this new-to-town-U-Haul-driving-IKEA-sleeper sofa-bound dude who also drove for over 8 hours earlier that same day who then assembled said sleeper sofa just enough for his wife to sleep on while she was clutching her migraine ridden head.

Our move day started just as planned, we woke up extra early, checked out of the hotel, packed some frozen food from our freezer into a cooler, dropped off our keys, grabbed extra ice for the cooler, hit McDonalds for a couple egg white delights finally we were on the road!

We then experienced all 4 seasons on the way to Minneapolis. Crazy wind in Kalamazoo, snow and rain in Wisconsin and blue skies and sunshine as we rolled in to Minnesota.

Then after signing our lease, we brought our bags up to our place, Christopher installed the wifi because priorities and then I called around about renting a vehicle to pick up the sofa we decided to buy the previous week. My headache was starting to get really annoying at this point. This is when we SHOULD HAVE had dinner… instead, we picked up the U-Haul van, Christopher did a spectacular job driving, avoiding all the bikers, pedestrians and mastered all of the abrupt lane changes.

We picked up our sofa, drove it back to our place and hauled all 3 boxes up to our 4th floor apartment (thank goodness we have an elevator now!). At this point we took the van back and I was pretty miserable. Christopher went to CVS to get the very essential, toilet paper and upon arriving back home I curled up in my sleeping bag on the floor hoping for death. Within what felt like seconds, Christopher tapped me on the shoulder and said that I could sleep on the sofa :) It wasn’t fully assembled because he ran out of light but it was together enough for me to collapse on. I’m so thankful to him for giving me a place to get a good night of sleep, even when that meant that he would sleep on the floor.

Christopher, you rocked out that move day. Kicked its ass, even! I’m so thankful to you and our new adventures.

Also! The ETA on our stuff arriving is Thursday. I can’t wait to get things somewhat normal.

Plus, we bought a brand new living room couch! Things are lookin’ good.

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