Minne Apartment Tour

Today was the day! The day Christopher and I have been anxiously waiting for. The day to find where the heck we were going to live in Minneapolis.

As in most episodes of House Hunters, we started with a healthy list needs and wants for our new place. Once we gave our relator our budget we had to change our perspective a bit on what we would be looking at renting. Our dream of renting a two bedroom apartment was dashed to focus on one bedroom set-ups or one bedrooms plus a den or loft.

We visited 6 places, multiple units in each place and wouldn’t you know it, it was the first unit in the first complex we looked at. We had that ‘coming home’ feeling right away. So we put a hold on that place and kept looking. Everything since then was compared to that first place and nothing could top it.

For the price we got basically everything we hoped for, a mostly-private place for guests to stay, really unique and fun floor plan, upgraded finishings, great amenities, covered parking and a second bathroom!!! The only thing we had to compromise on was that it is not dog friendly :(

We will be living in downtown Minneapolis which is centrally located and a short walk away from Loring Park. I foresee a beautiful summer ahead of us filled with kayaking on the rivers and lakes, biking down the Greenway and walking all over, especially to places like Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theatre.

Next Friday is our move-in day and we have a lot to do before then but we couldn’t be happier with our new home in our new city.

Also! If anyone wants to visit us, let us know :)

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