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Icons, graphic forms, tiny little pictures, all little characters with their own with personalities.

I love to look at these forms and almost create a story behind them or envision what kind of faux digital family they are from. All icons sets have a voice and if you look and l suppose, ‘listen’ you can hear it!

One of my recent freelance projects gave me the chance to develop these breakfast icons in order to promote my favorite meal of the week, brunch. More specifically, they were used to promote bridal shower brunches, hence the softer color palette and flowers. While I was creating these I kept thinking of a really happy bride, a younger gal that is filled with life and playfulness. The arrangement of this set helps to create a fun environment, almost as if the food and flowers are confetti raining down in celebration.

Things I considered:

  • Keeping the outlines about the same thickness, this is a great way to create unity in all of the shapes.
  • Edges, I made sure to make all of the edges slightly rounded, again to create unity within this little icon family.
  • Placement, I didn’t want to stick all of the large things together and create an unbalanced look. I fiddled with the placement of each item for a while. Certain items, like the croissant I felt needed to be placed with the open end pointing downward and to the right so your eye is pulled into the body of the work so I basically build the rest around that item.

Things I learned:

  • Improvisation, I intended to just use the breakfast icons but it started looking too food focused and not so much for a bride so I gave these little flowers a go and wound up loving how well they complimented each other.
  • Finding my groove with this color palette, breakfast foods aren’t always the most colorful, lots of browns and beiges happening (with the happy exception of fruit) so I used a neutral/pastel set of colors with a small showing of a bright color to make these guys and gals come to life.

Things I loved:

  • Dat bagel schmear tho! While I was creating the form for the schmear in my head, I went through this dialogue with myself…”Yay! It’s bagel time! I love cream cheese too. Basically my two favorite things! Oh, whatever, it doesn’t have to look perfect…screw it, in my mouth it goes!” At least, that’s how I top my bagel, I try to keep it neat in the beginning of cream cheese application and then quickly abandon all expectations of that a few seconds later. I think little weird thoughts like that during creating give it some soul.
  • The blueberry muffin looks a little bit angry at the world. At first this bugged me but then I thought, every family has a grump and that is who the muffin is, a lovable delicious grump.

Breakfast family profile:

  • Blueberry Muffin: the adorable grump (as described above).
  • Coffee cup and saucer: the austere aunt who has her shizz together.
  • Coffee beans: her kids that she can’t quite keep in line.
  • Snozberry: the teen, always trying to be the center of attention and wearing some bright ass color.
  • Croissant: The guy or gal/dad or mom who keeps things together for everyone, the pillar of the family, if you will.
  • Bagel and schmear: the best friend who will always be in your corner.


Info Cited:
Type Faces used – TW Cen bold, Didot italic, Mrs. Eaves
Flowers – Dollar Photo Club
Personal branding type – Bariol

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