Tigers vs Twins, a montage

You tell me, who doesn’t love a good montage?

I mean, I feel like if a movie has a solid montage it transcends the ranks. And in case you need a little refresher, let’s have Team America remind you.

A favorite movie with pure gold montages is Mrs. Doubtfire. All of them are awesome. Bring on more montages, Hollywood! PLEASE!

Anyway, this post is more than a love letter to the montage as a cinematic device, it was my excuse to create my own while I documented going to my first Detroit Tigers baseball game.

Going to a Tigers game was on my Michigan Bucket List for this summer before I knew we would be moving to Minneapolis. Thankfully my wish came true and last Tuesday Christopher and some friends of ours saw the Tigers play the Twins.

We drank beer, ate corn dogs and before I knew it the game was done (I blame the beer).

It was a blast. America’s favorite pastime, indeed!


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