Drawn & Delivered

Who likes getting a card in the mail?

Who thinks it’s even better when the card is handmade?

I love both, especially sending cards that I’ve made. So I am starting a new project just for you and your mailbox.


I pledge to draw and send one greeting card per week for the next year and I want to send a card to you! Either to your home address or your email inbox.

I know what you’re thinking…

“But we haven’t spoken since high school and I thought you were a huge jerk.”
Sorry to hear that, maybe this cat card will smooth things over?


“I don’t even really know you…”
Fine by me! Have this card with a few words of encouragement on it!


“We’re already friends, you don’t need to send one to me.”
BS! I want to send you a card real bad!

Now that I’ve eased your mind, please fill out the form below to sign up. There are only 52 spots available so do it now!

SIGN UP HERE! (No longer accepting submissions, thank you to all who signed-up!)

Important things to know:

  1. I will not distribute your information to anyone, you will not be added to any lists. The NSA is not involved.
  2. The list will be private and will be used only for the one occasion.
    (unless you want to be my pen pal, then bring it!)
  3. I will share drawings on my blog and/or social media accounts sans your name, address or any identifying information because I believe in a thing called privacy.
  4. Limit of one per person, I would love to send cards to others in a household, but just one per individual, please.
  5. I will send items that can be delivered by means of ‘forever stamp’ or less to keep costs reasonable. However! if you live in another country, that’s fine, whatever it takes to get a card to you is what I’m willing to spend.
  6. I take requests! Much like a DJ. Do you love Star Wars? Have a brother with a birthday coming up that you need a card for? I can make that happen.
  7. You will not be alerted when your card is on the way, it will be a good old fashioned surprise.

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