June Favorites!


Hello! June has treated me so well this year! I will go on record to say that June is my favorite month of the year. This is because June is the beginning of summer, the days are extra long and it really seems like everyone is finally more relaxed and happy (myself included). Finally, June is my favorite because it is the month of the wedding anniversary of Christopher and I! This June did not disappoint and here’s why…

1. The Butcher and the Boar
This is the restaurant that Christopher and I decided to dine at to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. We heard nothing but praise reviews about their menu AND it is located across the street from where we live. I had the pork chop and it was the best I’ve ever had, it was glazed with a spicy maple syrup sauce topped with blueberry compote and goat cheese. I couldn’t believe how amazing and enormous it was! I had it for leftovers the next day.

This restaurant is perfect for those who are passionate about good cuts of well prepared meat. The concepts for the dishes are traditional and sway to a more German meat and potatoes feeling but there is always a twist that sets each dish apart. It can be a rather spendy place to dine at but if you go for a happy hour in their beer garden you can get a beer and sausage plate for a very reasonable price. Since it was our anniversary, we decided to indulge a bit.

2. Fossil Sydney Satchel Bag
While my mom was visiting we visited the Mall of American because when in Minneapolis… I have on almost every occasion of visiting this humongous mall stepped into the fossil store. I was looking at a completely different purse when this one caught my attention and I realized that it would be the perfect bag to be an all day, I need to bring my water bottle and external phone battery and camera, and kindle and etc etc etc… basically this bag is the a medium size bag that holds a lot of stuff but doesn’t feel too visually large. It’s all leather and had a perfect quick access phone pouch in the back. The cross body strap and handles make it the easiest purse to transition from car, to walking around to chilling at dinner. Also, it’s gorgeous. This purse is bae.

3. Pride Parade
When marriage equality was announced last week our city was just about to celebrate its annual Pride festival. Everyone was in an awesome mood everywhere you looked. Minnesota legalized gay marriage a couple of years ago but you could still feel the energy of everyone’s happiness. I was so excited to see our first parade from our balcony too! We are right along the parade route and Christopher and I had some friends over to enjoy the spectacle. We had snacks, drinks and our folding chairs out to enjoy this super long and cheerful parade. Normally, I’m not a parade going person, but now with where we live I really hope more parades will be rolling down our street. It is so enjoyable to have the overhead view, quick access to the bathroom and AC, if needed.

4. Sofa
Christopher and I had waited for ‘Sofa Day’ for over a month until the delivery day was set. We ordered our sofa from Macy’s and they told us it should arrive in 4 weeks. We were kind of bummed because that meant our living room would go almost unused until it arrived. What’s a living room without a sofa, anyway? Before it arrived, it also meant that nothing would be decorated or put in a more permanent place because so much of the layout would be determined when the sofa was actually in the space. Once the beautiful grey sofa arrived, we finally set up the living room TV, got a few stacking cubes to divide the living and dining areas and got a small dining room table and chairs. It took some time and a few cute new lamps from HomeGoods to make the space come alive, but now I’m in love with our living room. All we have to do is hang artwork on our walls.

5. Tame Impala
Grooving to this psychedelic rock group has been an addiction for my ears this past month. The Current (89.3 or thecurrent.org) introduced me to this band and a slew of other amazing acts including local music groups like Hippo Campus and Caroline Smith. Tame Impala played in the Twin Cities area just as we were moving in but I wish I could go back in time and buy tickets to see them. I love the song Let It Happen in all of its 7+ minute goodness as well as Eventually and Cuz I’m A Man. There is something so retro and 60’s about their sound, I just want to put on bell bottoms and chill out. Next time they are in the area I will do whatever I can to see them on stage.

I hope you had a great June and July will treat you warmly. I’m heading out for a long vacation to see my cousin get married in the UK! I am so excited to explore a new country and see my family <3 I also hope to share some of my trip when I return.

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