Drawn & Delivered Round-up 1



Now that I’ve been making people cards for a few weeks, I thought it would be a good time to do a round up!

Since I started the Drawn & Delivered project I’ve done the bulk of my work using brush markers and pens, which I have been rather obsessed with lately.

Most notably I’ve been using Copic Sketch markers which come in like a million colors. They have a brush side and a chisel side and have great buildable color coverage. One of my favorite colors is Ocean Mist. It’s a very light green blue that’s hardly detectable until you apply several coats. I never realized how handy having such a low coverage marker would be until this one.

On my schedule next, I have a few digital cards to work on which are a lot of fun. I also want to work on making envelopes a little more interesting. I’ve had my eye on an envelope punch board that I might just have to pick up soon. Another technique that I’m very interested in trying is using masking fluid pen or drawing gum to preserve white space while using paint.

So far, creating these cards have been a real joy and I’ve only just begun. I can’t wait to send more little works of art in the mail very soon!

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