Love Love Love


The voice of John Darnielle from the band The Mountain Goats poured into my mind on Saturday morning while I lazily cooked my eggs.

some things you do for money and some you do for love love love was the lyric that looped in my head from the song love love love.

I decided to sit down and draw the word ‘love’ over and over again as I thought the message from the song was distinctly clear.

The Sunset Tree is a collection of autobiographical music from Darnielle’s troubled childhood. While I was working on my drawing I listened to the song once again but the lyrics pointed to a message that became difficult to accept but very clear;

Love is wild and doesn’t always make sense. It is beautiful, but then it gets complicated.

Love can make you do great and unthinkable things.

I imagine that this message isn’t new information to anyone. It just feels more true to me lately than it has in years.

In the song’s lyrics, the audience is shown examples of historic and fictional characters who were clouded by love and the many forms that it takes. It showcases the damage that is done in the wake of being reached. This complication turned my drawing from a clean simple message to one that is finished with uncertainty.

Tools used:
Winsor & Newton watercolor marker
Pentel water brush

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