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Since moving to Minneapolis I was so happy to be able to set up my own little in-home studio! And in this blog post I will be sharing the progress I’ve made in this space so far. My studio is set up to accommodate my continued explorations in design, illustration, lettering and blogging.

Welcome to my jungle!


The apartment that Christopher and I lived in perviously didn’t have the space for a functional studio to be set up. Once we moved and purchased some furniture the idea for having a studio started to gel.

We picked up the storage cubes as well as the table and chairs from Target. During the day, I have the kitchen table set up for work and then at night I am able to easily transform it back to the place where Christopher and I share meals together.


When we purchased the storage cubes we toyed around with a few different arrangements until we decided to stack them in an ascending fashion to create a divider between the dining area and living room. We opted for this set up because it let the light pass from one section of the room to the other while still giving it visual distinction.


Once the cubes were in place I started to fill in the gaps with my favorite art supplies as well as a couple picture frames, magazines, candles, my record player and records. Having a mix of art supplies and non art related objects helps to make this space a little more inspirational.

I think a huge reason why this space works for me is because most of my supplies are out in the open and not hidden away in drawers. Not having to look too hard for things makes jumping into a new project so much easier.

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I hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes look at abbyabbyabby HQ! I am very excited to keep this space fun, fresh and productive for as long as Christopher and I are here.

Do you have a studio space or notice one on the internet that you love? Please share a link, I’d love to see what’s working for you!

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