Everything is ‘spine’


In my recent rounds of card making for my Drawn & Delivered project (and frankly, drawing in general) I have being using a very specific technique that I have found so much joy in working with.

I call this the coloring book technique because basically I’m drawing forms and outlining them in black ink and then going back in and coloring the shapes with different colors. It reminds me of the adult coloring book craze that’s going on right now, a trend that I hope sticks around forever! In turn, this technique reminds me so much of coloring in coloring books as a child, a very favorite past time of mine.

Not only is this a very therapeutic way of image making but I love the clean lines and an the amount of intricate detail you are able to achieve.


About this card: This card was made for a wonderful pair of chiropractors. I left the image very clean and played with the very pun filled idea of using the ‘s curve’ of the spine as the letterform for ‘s’. Also, ‘spine’ rhymes with ‘fine’ so yeah, puns. I love ’em!

Faber-Castell 2H pencil
Pentel Click eraser
Sakura Pigma Micron 01 marker in Black
Copic Sketch markers in E31 (Brick Beige) and E33 (Sand)
Speedball Oblique Calligraphy nib holder
Hunt Imperial 101 nib
Speedball Calligraph Ink in Super Black

Other examples of how I used this technique:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Catch up on some of my recent card creations!

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