from the MPLS farmers market


Hey guys!

So I made the video below on the fly last weekend. I was so inspired by all of the haul videos that live on the internet AND my recent trip to the farmers market that I felt the undeniable urge to share what I picked up via video :)

Lucky you!

It’s pretty short and sweet. I used Adobe Premiere Pro for the editing and sound mixing as well as giving After Effects a try to implement the very short, very basic title sequence. The reason why using After Effects became so important to me is because I am a HUGE control freak with typography and I want nothing less than my exact vision for the titles, no matter how complex or how simple they are. The baked in title settings for other video editing programs were making me a little too crazy.

Part of why I love giving video a try is because I’m learning how to work with a COMPLETELY different media. Thankfully, the workflow fits in nicely with some of the other Adobe programs that I already know, such as Photoshop.

One big thing I learned about making videos so far is that they take so much planning! Like I mean, holy to-do lists! My video lists are more complex that I ever imagined, so much so that I made them into separate spread sheets. HA! All of the steps are laid out from, shoot direction, to filming day schedule, to time for viewing tutorials, cutaway direction, music searching, on…and on…and on… I like to think when I get the hang of this more that my lists making won’t be SUCH a time investment.

Any way, director’s note aside, enjoy watching me rambling on about food!

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