September Uniform


To me, personal style is an expression of self love and confidence.

Back when I started this blog I wanted to heavily focus on personal style photography, which if I’m being honest, didn’t fill me up creatively like I thought it would.

BUT I still feel drawn to share what I love and feel great wearing in the world of style because it is still an area of great interest for me. So as a way to fill that void I decided to share my ‘uniform of the month’.

My vision for this series is basically just one photo, at the end of the month with a little explanation and some hand drawn type for good measure :)

Since I live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, my wardrobe fluctuates a considerable amount from month to month. So I thought each month would be a great milestone to share the changing of seasons and what keeps my inspired when I ask myself ‘what should I wear today?’ At times that question can be daunting, but I am going to focus on listening to my gut full time.

I will not be giving any ‘credits’ of what I’m wearing because these days I only go shopping for clothes twice a year to get what I need for the warmer or cooler months. Because of this, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to find the correct links on the internet to point anyone in the right direction to where to buy what I’m wearing. I also think that there’s something a little bit wrong about that, to me it would feel like I was pushing items onto my readers when in reality the items that I’m wearing could be substituted for similar items that someone already owns or it could inspire someone who is in a style rut and needs some inspiration. I envision this series to be an exercise in self expression, photography and sharing something I am excited about in a way that feels right to me. I share more frequent ‘outfits of the day’ #ootd on my instagram if you are interested in seeing that. As of right now, blogging about style feels right to be kept minimal, short and sweet (with the huge expectation to this long winded explanation post. haha!)

LET’S BEGIN, shall we?

In September, Minnesota has greeted us with mild weather. We’ve had a lot of sunny days and a lot of rain. You could feel fall in the air but it still managed to feel far away. Somehow September made me fall in love with Minneapolis even more.

Here was my uniform:

I traded in my summer t-shirts and tank tops for button down blouses.

I exchanged my jean shorts for high rise skinny jeans.

My slip on weatherproof shoes have been hitting the streets hard on rainy days.

Wearing a half up style has been my jam to hold back my hair from my face when I’m working but still maintaining a relaxed look.

A bold red lip is what I run to when I want a make-up look that is low effort and high impact.

My satchel is by my sides most days, especially when I’m running errands.

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