my every day victory


Victory comes from a dedicated shift in energy.

Victory comes in the small moments when you say yes to what feeds you.

When you are able to make small changes in your life that lead to big internal change, that is victory.

From my own experience, victory is saying no to the snooze on my alarm. I wake-up in darkness and each day. I set my feet on the ground and I feel victorious.

It’s the smallest of small steps but it sets the tone for my day.

Having a commitment to greeting the day without resistance makes each difficult task I face feel more manageable. It is still uncomfortable to wake-up early but what I gain in self esteem and productivity is worth it.

I no longer feel like I am at the mercy of time but I feel like I am in control because of my mindset and, to me, that is a victory. It’s not a tangible victory, there’s no plaque that I can hang on my wall, it is so much more than that. It is a success that I feel in my heart based on me, based on my standards being met of intentionally being excited for each day of my life, the work I get to create and the adventures I get to live.

Small victories lead to big change.

This post is part of a collaboration for the writing series Write It Out. Kate Amunrud of the blog Clear the Way invites her blog audience to participate in a creative writing challenge each month where she provides her readers with a prompt to write about. This month’s prompt was to write about the word ‘victory.’ This topic was a great way for me to engage in a little self reflection. Thank you, Kate, for spreading the good vibes through the internet!

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