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Drawn & Delivered Round-up 1

Hello! Now that I’ve been making people cards for a few weeks, I thought it would be a good time to do a round up! Since I started the Drawn & Delivered project I’ve done the bulk of my work … Continue reading

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Love Love Love

The voice of John Darnielle from the band The Mountain Goats poured into my mind on Saturday morning while I lazily cooked my eggs. some things you do for money and some you do for love love love was the lyric … Continue reading

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Studio View

Since moving to Minneapolis I was so happy to be able to set up my own little in-home studio! And in this blog post I will be sharing the progress I’ve made in this space so far. My studio is set up to accommodate my continued explorations in … Continue reading

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UK Favorites

Hello!!! I’m so glad to be back to the blog-life. I had been sick almost the entire time since I got back from vacation and really bad at the end of last week BUT I have so much that I want … Continue reading

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Routines Revisited

Today is my first full day back in Minneapolis after being gone for over 2 weeks! Other than feeling like a jet lag zombie I’m trying to reconnect with my morning routine and daily rituals. Progress is slow getting things … Continue reading

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June Favorites!

Hello! June has treated me so well this year! I will go on record to say that June is my favorite month of the year. This is because June is the beginning of summer, the days are extra long and … Continue reading

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Drawn & Delivered

Who likes getting a card in the mail? Who thinks it’s even better when the card is handmade? I love both, especially sending cards that I’ve made. So I am starting a new project just for you and your mailbox. … Continue reading

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Mini Golf in Minne

After a particularly lazy start to Memorial Day, Christopher and I decided to leave the apartment and go on a walk, before we knew it, we were golfing. Because we live near the Walker Art Center we thought it would be nice … Continue reading

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Bee Favorites

Since elementary school I’ve had the nickname of ‘Bee’ or just ‘B’. I wouldn’t say this was a widely used nickname but my family picked up on it and to this day use it allllll the time. With a nickname that … Continue reading

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Design File: icons

Icons, graphic forms, tiny little pictures, all little characters with their own with personalities. I love to look at these forms and almost create a story behind them or envision what kind of faux digital family they are from. All icons … Continue reading

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