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Hungry for Mid-Century Modern

via Best Home Decorter Guides Recently I have had the itch buy a dining table. Not just any dining table, but a mid-century Modern inspired one. I won’t kid myself to think that I can afford a true Modern table … Continue reading

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Slice of Life: Last Sunday of the Month

The last Sunday of the month is the best Sunday of the month. That is the day that the Allegan Antique Market is set up with vendors selling their treasures. I have enjoyed going twice now and look forward to … Continue reading

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Second Chance Design

Last weekend I visited a really great furniture and decor store in Holland, MI that takes tired pieces and breathes new life into them. I love the way the store is set up. The little vignettes showcase the beauty of … Continue reading

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Spooning for Valentine’s Day

On my Sunday post I gave a little tour of the Kalamazoo Antique Market but I wanted to feature one of my favorite booths in a special way, especially with Valentine’s Day being less than a month away, it would make a … Continue reading

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Kalamazoo Antique Market

A couple of weeks ago, Christopher, his brother and I went to the Kalamazoo Antique Market. It’s a shop that supports individual booths for individual sellers. It is located in downtown Kalamazoo right where all the action is. I had … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, To Be Determined!

Today is the birthday of one of my best friends and favorite vintage shop owners! Caitlin has one of the best eyes for vintage and thrifting and she is gracious enough to sell some of her sweet finds to the … Continue reading

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Little Link: The Thrift Shopper

Here is a bright and shining little link to brighten your Tuesday! It’s a search engine for those of us who are always searching for new thrifting experience. Danielle from the Thompson Family was kind enough to share this link … Continue reading

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American Heritage Antique Mall

During the Christmas holiday I had the chance to visit one of my favorite places… an antique mall! An impressive one at that. My fiance’s parents have a booth at the one we visited and I could have spent 8 … Continue reading

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