See Change EDC & Vlog


Last week I attended the annual See Change conference put on by the folks at AIGA Minnesota! I was so excited (and nervous) to attend. This was the first step I took in getting a lay-of-the-land of the design scene, so I wanted to be prepared. The above is what I brought with me. I though strategically on this one because I didn’t want to carry too much but I knew I would need more than normal. Overall, I was very satisfied with what I slung on my arm. Feeling prepared made me way less nervous.

Here’s what I’ve got:
Banana Republic leather tote bag, several years old (this year’s version)
Joby Gorilla Pod
Fruit bar
Vintage wallet
Thrifted pouch with Mophie Powerstation
53 stylus
iPad mini
Klean Kanteen Insulated 12oz bottle
Pilot Percise V5 rollerball pen
Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Hibiscus
Trident Tropical Twist gum
Business cards
Gwen Frostic notebook
Apartment keys and pocket knife

I vlogged the day I had as well, including getting some chow at the Cossetta Italian Market and Bakery in St. Paul after meeting up with some guys to play kubb.

Hope everyone had a glorious weekend!

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Tigers vs Twins, a montage

You tell me, who doesn’t love a good montage?

I mean, I feel like if a movie has a solid montage it transcends the ranks. And in case you need a little refresher, let’s have Team America remind you.

A favorite movie with pure gold montages is Mrs. Doubtfire. All of them are awesome. Bring on more montages, Hollywood! PLEASE!

Anyway, this post is more than a love letter to the montage as a cinematic device, it was my excuse to create my own while I documented going to my first Detroit Tigers baseball game.

Going to a Tigers game was on my Michigan Bucket List for this summer before I knew we would be moving to Minneapolis. Thankfully my wish came true and last Tuesday Christopher and some friends of ours saw the Tigers play the Twins.

We drank beer, ate corn dogs and before I knew it the game was done (I blame the beer).

It was a blast. America’s favorite pastime, indeed!


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EDC – freelancing

Every Day Carry-0415

I have always been fascinated by what people decide to carry with them on a regular basis and what that says about their life. One of my favorite video tags on YouTube is the ‘what’s in your bag’ tag and a website that has become another source of obsession is called Everyday Carry.

Right now, my life is mostly consists of walking to the corner coffee shop in the morning, firing up the computer, turning on some tunes and freelancing. This is the collection of things I bring with me. All of these items have a very distinct purpose. Nothing fancy. Everything fits in the computer bag (that I’ve had since college) or in my coat pocket.

Here’s a breakdown:
incase brand computer bag
15″ MacBook Pro (mid 2010)
fleck moleskine notebook
Pilot Precise V5 pen (the best pen on the planet)
ChapStick Classic
Coffee card, bank card & credit card
iPhone 6
Apartment Keys & pocket knife
power cords
Ear buds

I’d like to document other kinds of ‘every day carry’ experiences that I use. I try to vary what I carry based on what I’m doing that day so I’m not carrying too much extra baggage.

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Unpacking – vlog

Here’s a little recounting of the events of a week and a half ago.

My sanity was shaken a few times and we are by no means done with getting settled in, but everything is now unpacked from the towers of boxes and we excitedly await the arrival of our couch. I think once that arrives we will have a better direction on what to do with everything else and the amount of space we have.

These days, when I’m not diving into a new area of our apartment, I’m freelancing and trying to make time to take myself out to explore the city. Getting out of the house is a HUGE must when homesickness settles in.

I know it will take time to settle in and feel normal. Everything worth having takes time.

Enjoy your day!

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Vlogging Whole Foods and Minneapolis

Trying something new! Here’s a rather chatty video I made of my day yesterday. I went to Whole Foods Market and I loved it (no surprise there).

I thought it would be fun to make some videos in the hopes to connect with friends and family now that Christopher and I have relocated to Minneapolis. I think it will be a good change to share some experiences this way.

Enjoy the video and your day! <3

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My Man Crush Monday tribute goes to this new-to-town-U-Haul-driving-IKEA-sleeper sofa-bound dude who also drove for over 8 hours earlier that same day who then assembled said sleeper sofa just enough for his wife to sleep on while she was clutching her migraine ridden head.

Our move day started just as planned, we woke up extra early, checked out of the hotel, packed some frozen food from our freezer into a cooler, dropped off our keys, grabbed extra ice for the cooler, hit McDonalds for a couple egg white delights finally we were on the road!

We then experienced all 4 seasons on the way to Minneapolis. Crazy wind in Kalamazoo, snow and rain in Wisconsin and blue skies and sunshine as we rolled in to Minnesota.

Then after signing our lease, we brought our bags up to our place, Christopher installed the wifi because priorities and then I called around about renting a vehicle to pick up the sofa we decided to buy the previous week. My headache was starting to get really annoying at this point. This is when we SHOULD HAVE had dinner… instead, we picked up the U-Haul van, Christopher did a spectacular job driving, avoiding all the bikers, pedestrians and mastered all of the abrupt lane changes.

We picked up our sofa, drove it back to our place and hauled all 3 boxes up to our 4th floor apartment (thank goodness we have an elevator now!). At this point we took the van back and I was pretty miserable. Christopher went to CVS to get the very essential, toilet paper and upon arriving back home I curled up in my sleeping bag on the floor hoping for death. Within what felt like seconds, Christopher tapped me on the shoulder and said that I could sleep on the sofa :) It wasn’t fully assembled because he ran out of light but it was together enough for me to collapse on. I’m so thankful to him for giving me a place to get a good night of sleep, even when that meant that he would sleep on the floor.

Christopher, you rocked out that move day. Kicked its ass, even! I’m so thankful to you and our new adventures.

Also! The ETA on our stuff arriving is Thursday. I can’t wait to get things somewhat normal.

Plus, we bought a brand new living room couch! Things are lookin’ good.

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Very early this morning Christopher and I left for Minneapolis to sign our lease and (hopefully) make a quick IKEA run for the sleeper sofa we found last weekend.

Since leaving our jobs two weeks ago, it has been an exhausting journey. Even though we were lucky enough to not have to pack or drive our things, we’ve done a lot of preparation and tied up many loose ends. I had my car shipped out to our new place, we changed our address, made many many many Goodwill runs and packed enough clothes, dishes, bedding and towels to last us until our stuff arrives (which should be about a week from now).


Watching our entire apartment get packed up before our eyes was so strange, but everyone who worked in our space did a great job. Now, I’m just anxious to get our stuff safely to our new home.


Now that all of the work is about done we can sorta-kinda relax-ish and focus on the newest chapter of our lives. I know the first things I want to do when we get settled in is take a dip in the jacuzzi and eat some cookie butter ice cream from Trader Joe’s.

We’ve had so much fun living in Kalamazoo for the past 10 years, especially the last 4 in our first place together. Also! It still amazes me how much we managed to fit into our one bedroom apartment AND how much dust we managed to create in that time. HA!

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Minne Apartment Tour

Today was the day! The day Christopher and I have been anxiously waiting for. The day to find where the heck we were going to live in Minneapolis.

As in most episodes of House Hunters, we started with a healthy list needs and wants for our new place. Once we gave our relator our budget we had to change our perspective a bit on what we would be looking at renting. Our dream of renting a two bedroom apartment was dashed to focus on one bedroom set-ups or one bedrooms plus a den or loft.

We visited 6 places, multiple units in each place and wouldn’t you know it, it was the first unit in the first complex we looked at. We had that ‘coming home’ feeling right away. So we put a hold on that place and kept looking. Everything since then was compared to that first place and nothing could top it.

For the price we got basically everything we hoped for, a mostly-private place for guests to stay, really unique and fun floor plan, upgraded finishings, great amenities, covered parking and a second bathroom!!! The only thing we had to compromise on was that it is not dog friendly :(

We will be living in downtown Minneapolis which is centrally located and a short walk away from Loring Park. I foresee a beautiful summer ahead of us filled with kayaking on the rivers and lakes, biking down the Greenway and walking all over, especially to places like Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theatre.

Next Friday is our move-in day and we have a lot to do before then but we couldn’t be happier with our new home in our new city.

Also! If anyone wants to visit us, let us know :)

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New Chapter Begins Now

Tomorrow starts a journey, a journey that my husband and I have been waiting for. We will be starting the whirlwind process of moving our lives from Kalamazoo, MI to Minneapolis, MN.

Christopher got a brand new job that will afford us a chance to try life in a new city and state. We have high hopes for enjoying the city and the beautiful nature it encompasses.

For now, we are scrambling trying to savor our last few days as Michigan residents and organize for the big move next week. Tomorrow we will be flying out to Minnesota to look at apartments until Saturday. We hope to find a good fit during that time. Then, on Monday our apartment will be packed up and shipped to our new home or at least to temporary storage. A lot of the details have only come together in the past 24 hours! Talk about stressful!

However, admits the stress and feelings of displacement and uncertainty, I am overwhelmed with excitements and joy. I can’t believe this is my life right now! We are living a dream that we have been dreaming of for years. I am trying to focus on that while things get strange and we have to start staying our good-byes.

I hope to blog about this moving experience as much as I can. I can’t wait to share more in the next few days!

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Baby J


Look at that sweet little face!!!

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to be assistant photographer to my pal, co-worker and all around BA photographer, Chris Fisher. We helped document little two month old Jeremiah, the son of our other lovely co-worker, Ashley, and his family.

When I wasn’t holding reflectors or helping to move things around I snapped a few shots of my own. I only took about 60 photos in total and these are my favorites that I captured. Check out Chris’ post to see more cute baby shots. He has so many great shots!

Jeremiah-030115-3 Jeremiah-030115-7 Jeremiah-030115-10 Jeremiah-030115-11 Jeremiah-030115-12 Jeremiah-030115-17

Every time I shoot something new I am reminded how precious documenting memories are. No matter if they are posed, candid, maybe not that flattering even. When we document our lives through photography time feels like a gift.

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